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5 x 1 Hour Lessons (Manual) - £140
Matt Collins
Anthony Silver
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Learning to drive, or advancing your driving skills can be a stressful and daunting experience. One of the most difficult decisions you make will be the driving school to choose and ABBA is a must!

Driving Simulator

Learn to drive on a modern, realistic simulator.

Learn to drive on a modern, realistic simulator that provides real, valuable feedback and guidance.

Training in a simulator like the professionals is cheap, safe, environmentally friendly, and effective. Students practice vehicle control, right of way rules, and looking behaviour step-by-step in a pleasant environment.

A positive, critical, virtual instructor consistently guides the student. A report is made after a 30-minute lesson with insights in the strengths and weaknesses of a student's driving style. The report is available to the student via email. That way the student and his instructor have insight into a student's progress and the student can consistently improve his own driving.